Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Of The Most Beautiful Places in World

Maldives 01

The Maldives is an island nation located several hundred kilometres southwest of Sri Lanka and is the smallest Asian country in terms of population (300k). Tourism is the country’s biggest foreign exchange earners and these photos will show why the Maldives is one of the beautiful places on this world.

Check out 7 more pics of Maldives after the jump.

Ice Kremlin

Ice Kremlin 01

It is ice cold winter in Russia and ice made statues are an attraction in the Moscow downtown right near Kremlin. Some of the ice sculptures are the Kremlin towers, ice cannon, clock towers and various others.

Check out more of the ice sculptures near Kremlin in Moscow Russia after the jump.

Frozen Waterfall

Frozen Waterfall

The frozen waterfall located at Beijing’s Myun County attracts tourists from all over the country as well as internationally. A beautiful display of nature’s art at work.

Frozen Sea

Frozen Sea 01

Somewhere in Russia where it is so cold that some parts of the sea is frozen. The waves aren’t entirely frozen since it would literally take a huge drop in temperature while the waves are forming to create something like that.

Anyway check out 11 more pics of the frozen sea after the jump.

Strange Structure In Russia

Strange Structure Russia 01

Some Russians stumbled upon some strange structures in the Russian forest. It is said that these are high voltage generators that measures lightning strikes to run experiments on it though I’m not so sure what to make out of it.

Check out these strange structures in Russia with 7 more pics after the jump.

Beautiful Iceland

Beautiful Ireland 01

A great set of surreal looking photographs of Iceland by Max Homand. Photograhy enthusiasts should check out his page for scenary and landscape shots. More of the collection set can be found at Flickriver.

6 more pics after the jump.

Job Fair In China

China Job Fair 01

The job fair held in China earlier this year just seems to be a bit too crowded for comfort. People barely have space to move as a lot of them desperately flock to such job fairs in search of opportunities. China has the fastest growing economy but the standard living of the citizens of China is still likely to be lower than most American and European countries.

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Stealth Tactics On Japanese Streets

Japanese Hide 01

The modern ninja against crime, these are created by fashion designer Aya Tsukioka who has conjured up some neat transforming clothes/accessories to deceive potential criminals. The vending machine and the public phone disguised is obvious while the manhole handbag is used to keep the contents of the handbag safe. I’m not sure what’s the effectiveness of these stealth tactics but something tells me the average criminal wouldn’t be that dumb to miss these though.

8 more pics of stealth tactics on Japanese streets after the jump.

Beautiful Africa

Beautiful Africa 03

Beautiful serene photography of Africa which preserves some of the largest density and range of freedom of wild animal populations and diversity with population of large carnivores (lions, cheetahs and hyenas) and herbivores (elephants, giraffe, deer and buffalos) ranging freely on primarily open non-private plains.

12 more pics of beautiful Africa after the jump.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines 01

Singapore Airlines has unveiled the luxurious cabin interior of the Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane with 471 seats. The aircraft delivery hnadover was made at the Henri Ziegler Delivery Centre Toulouse where some 500 people attended the ceremony. The aircraft will start its commercial service on the 25th of October 2007 on the return flight between Singapore and Sydney. The majority of the seats on this flight has been sold at auction at eBay. The Singapore Airlines A380 is also configured in the default 3 classes - Economy, Business, First as well as the new Singapore Airlines Suite which is a class higher than the first.

Check out the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 interior with 20 more pics after the jump.

Oktoberfest, The Beer Festival Has Begun

Octoberfest Beer Festival 01

The Oktoberfest is a two week festival held each year in Munich Bavaria,Germany which starts late September to early October. It is the world’s largest fair with six million people attending each year. A Oktoberfest beer is specially brewed for this occasion and visitors would also consume large quantities of food together with the beer. The Oktoberfest is known as the ‘Largest People’s Fair in the World’.

41 more pics of the Oktoberfest beer festival after the jump.

Austrian Five Star Prison

Austrian Prison 01

If you are a criminal in Austria and got sent to this prison, you probably would be rejoicing how lucky you are. After all who would have thought that prisons could be so high class. This five star prison even includes a gym, indoor court and even your own cell comes with its own television. Prison of dreams for the criminals.

14 more pics of the Austrian five star prison after the jump.

Amazing Photos Of Earth From Space

Outer Space 01

A gorgeous look at our planet Earth from outer space taken from a space shuttle. These collection of high quality photos speak for themselves and shows how our planet is so full of life with its vast seas and lands.

11 more pics of Earth from outer space after the jump.

Rice Field Art In Japan

Rice Field Art 00

Every year, farmers in the rural town Inakadate, Japan creates rice field art by using red rice in with their regular rice in special patterns. A few others fields in rural Japan also followed the trend of this beautiful rice field art.

Check out different stages of the rice field art from start to harvesting with 16 more pics after the jump.

Seashell Temple In Taiwan

Seashell Temple 01

A temple located in the hills in northern part of Taiwan is almost coverered entirely with seashells.

5 more pics of the seashell temple after the jump.

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