Wednesday, December 1, 2010

France Food Review and Pics

One of the greatest French treasures is undoubtedly their rich cuisine. French people try to find as many occasions as possible to spend some time at the table, with their family and friends to enjoy the taste and flavor of good food and drinks. What may appear surprising is the fact that France's reputation for food is not based on long-term traditions but rather on constant change. Good eating habits are a relatively new experience for French people as little as 200 years ago about 80% of the population consisted of farmers who ate mainly bread and cereals. This way of eating had been popular in the country since ancient times. The situation started to change in the middle of the nineteenth century with the rise of the aristocracy, when food became a symbol of social position. In the times when great numbers of people suffered from the lack of food, the type of food one ate and offered to guests started to play a crucial role in establishing one's social status.
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