Thursday, March 25, 2010

Five most haunted places in america

5.San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known for many haunted places – the most famous of which is Alcatraz. Other spots include the Bay Bridge, the Cameron House, and some of the schools are even rumored to be infested with spooks and spirits.

4. Savannah, GA

From the old beautiful homes, to the dense forests that surround them – Savannah is said to be home to many old spirits, haunts and specters. Fort Pulaski, the Sorrel Weed House, and the 17 Hundred 90 Hotel are all places where you might find supernatural activities.

3. Gettysburg, PA

Besides being the site of one of the most famous battles in U.S. history, Gettysburg is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the U.S. The battleground itself is said to be most haunted. As are several local hotels and inns.

2. Galveston, TX

Galveston was founded in 1836, and has a haunted history as old as Texas itself. Some people have even referred to the island as a “cemetery with a beach attached”. You can find haunted tours to take you to a variety of “spook-tacular” sites, showcasing some of the creepiest haunts that Texas has to offer.

1. New Orleans, LA

Voodoo Queens, vampires, ghost tours, gaslights. What is it about New Orleans that just screams haunted? Well…pretty much everything. The city is a beautiful mix of reality and myth, and every inch of it seems touched by the supernatural.

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