Sunday, March 7, 2010

Traveling adventure in bangkok

A great opportunity for tourists and travelers to see the beauty and breathtaking views of the marvelous places of Bangkok Thailand, Laos and Hanoi in Vietnam. Tourists and travelers will have a chance to discover and explore these wonderful places in Asia and learn the history, tradition, culture, architecture and heritage that is handed down from generation to generation. This adventure travel tour also gives tourists and travelers a chance to see some of the popular destination in Thailand, Laos abd Vietnam.

This travel adventure tour destination will start from Bangkok going to Hanoi where tourists and adventure travelers will travel overland. Tourists and travelers will be taken to popular destinations with breathtaking scenery and experience the delights of northern Thailand, the laid-back river lifestyle of Laos, and the pristine wilderness of northern Vietnam. Traveling from Bangkok Thailand, Laos to Hanoi Vietnam is a voyage that tourists and travelers will never forget. In this destination travel adventure, you will see the bright lights of Bangkok, through the age-old charms of Luang Prabang and ending in the buzz of Hanoi, join us on a voyage of discovery and relaxation. The destination getaway travel tour to this places is a combination of discovery, exploration and relaxation together with your friends and love ones.

While traveling to Bangkok, tourists and travelers will discover why Bangkok was once known as the Venice of the East. Tourists and travelers will have a longtail boat ride along the city’s khlongs. Tourists and travelers in this travel adventure destination tour will ahve a chance to explore the enormous reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. Thailand is also known worldwide because of the Thai massage, so in this travel adventure to Bangkok Thailand, why not try the relaxing Thai massage to rejuvenate yourself.

In Chiang Mai, tourists and travelers will discover the sweeping city views from the temple atop Doi Suthep. Also in Chiang Mai, shop your way and bargain at the night bazaar. And don’t forget to taste Chiang Mai’s bowl of kao soi noodles at the night bazaar.

In Chiang Khong, travel through rural Thailand to the Laos border. Tourists and travelers will have a chance to mingle with Mien and White H’mong villagers and catch a first glimpse of the mighty Mekong. Tourists and travelers can relax on a boat will this slow boat will take you down the Mekong. While on the boat, tourists and travelers will experience the Laos river lifestyle.

Hundreds of Buddhas that is carved into the limestone cliffs at the Pak Ou caves in Pak Beng will be discovered and explored by tourists and travelers. A quaint colonial atmosphere, delve into local history at the Traditional Arts Museum and swim in the turquoise waters of nearby Kuang Si Falls at Luang Prabang will be enjoyed by tourists and travelers.

Visit the backpacker hangout of Vang Vieng where tourists and travelers will surely admire the magnificent limestone karst scenery. You can wander the local market if you want to shop for souvenir gift items. A French-inspired culture in Vientiene will be experience by the travelers and tourists as they explore laidback Vientiane and head to the riverbank to savour a Mekong sunset with a cold Beerlao in hand. Breathtaking and stunning montage of mountain, forest and karst scenery when tourists and travelers will travel to Lak Sao.

While in Hanoi Vietname, tourists and travelers will have a chance to visit the Old Quarter for traditional artifacts and gastronomic delights and see a water puppet show for entertainment.

Great places with stiking and magnificent scenery and tourists spots can be seen that will take your breath away when tourists and travelers will travel Bangkok Thailand, Laos to Hanoi Vietnam in this travel adventure destination getaway tour. This will be a great cultural adventure where tourists will discover how the local people live in this wonderful places.

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