Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit to Egypt


Travelling Egypt must be a planned affair undertaken through a tour group. This is because Egypt is not a place you can enjoy on your own, especially for the first time. Further, you need to prepare yourself mentally for this destination. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

Change in the scenario : If you are resident of a country that is large in size and small in population, then be ready for an overwhelming change with Egypt, which is small in area and large in population. You will come across extremely crowded places lots of people and lots of cars.

Dress Behavior : Since it is a country different from others, the people possess a conservative attitude towards everything. Behavior such as kissing and hugging in the public, wearing revealing clothes, etc, is not seen as appropriate behavior and sometimes people may even retaliate. If you respect their culture and understand their traditions, the people will also welcome you with an open heart.

Water issues : Water is a problem in Egypt, therefore, people who are not used to it must only drink bottled water. One must avoid salads (washed in water) and Ice (frozen water). Some tourists prefer to clean even their teeth with the bottled water, but it is not necessary, as the water does not reach inside your body. Things like tea and coffee are safe as the water in them is boiled.

Hygiene : The toilet conditions in this place are not so well. You will even find toilets without water connections and toilet paper. For a piece of paper, you will find an attendant offering it to you for some money. Whether you accept it or not, he will expect the money anyways. This is because the wages of such attendants are meager and they depend on such tips for money. It is always recommended to finish your activities in the hotel itself and just in case the need arises, carry a lot of wet wipes with you wherever you go. It is necessary for cleaning your hands often and keeping yourself clean from the dusty environment of Egypt.

Tip Culture : Baksheesh is the term used for tip in Egypt. It will be asked for almost anything. Even if a small boy simply converses with you, he will ask for baksheesh. Therefore, it is always recommended not to be moved by such appeals of the people or otherwise you will lose all your money within hours. You can give your tour guide some tip as he deserves, and also to the driver. An idea to avoid giving tips is to buy lots of cheap pens and give to the children who ask for Baksheesh. They scamper off happily after taking the pen! Nevertheless, beware, as the boys will come back with more friends to get more pens.

Female Tourists : The female tourists must take special care in their conduct, as the locals in Egypt are not so emancipated and not aware about the tolerant behavior in other countries. There are cases where women are teased even by little boys even when they are wearing completely covered clothing. It is recommended to the women to remain in their tour group and avoid roaming alone. However, Egyptian government is very protective of its visitors because Tourism is the lifeblood of Egypt. Therefore, never hesitate to reach the nearest tourist police if the need arises.


Shopping : The seller follows the potential buyer most of the time. Do not be scared, be firm yet polite, and say “La Shukran” and keep walking if you do not want to buy. Regardless of this, Egypt is good place for shopping. You will find a variety of items to buy on cheap prices.

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